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Women In International Security is a non-partisan group dedicated to women’s inclusion and leadership in the peace and security fields.  WIIS provides valuable services and resources to build a global network of women in International Security and has members (both men and women) in 47 countries, on six continents.  We work to increases the number and visibility of women across sectors and around the world. Its members work in international organizations, governments, NGOs, think tanks, universities, corporations, and media outlets worldwide.

Notre Dame Chapter

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Here at ND, we’ll build a network of Notre Dame women, alumni, and friends, in the field to mentor and guide you.  We provide opportunities to meet with visiting speakers, join public lectures, and develop lasting connections with fellow WIIS women, faculty, and visiting speakers through small group discussions.  We’re also here to help with career advice, resumes, cover letters, and internship support. 

WIIS works closely with the Notre Dame International Security Center Certificate Program. If you are an undergraduate, make sure to check out the certificate program to find out how to might benefit you too!


“WIIS was an integral part of my studies of political science and international security at Notre Dame. It built a powerful network by connecting students with influential women in international security as well as peers interested in the same field. I am so inspired by the women I met through WIIS, and I look forward to watching WIIS-ND continue to highlight the important yet often-underrepresented voices of women in international security.”
–Erin Hayes
  Former WIIS member
  Class of 2018

Interested in Joining?

Contact us at wiis@nd.edu, or fill out the form below.

While we are open to non-member participation in WIIS speaker event and public events, certain opportunities are available for members only. Membership is open to all, not just undergraduates/students.

Even though we are called Women in International Security, males are welcome to join as members. Regardless of gender, our events will be relevant to anyone interested in security-related issues and we would love to have you join in the conversation!

Our Officers

Lizze Trense

Megan Brinkman and Ana Miravete
Co-Vice Presidents

Maura Brennan
Mentorship and Membership

Ava Ernst

Isabella Garcia
Communications Director