2019 Emerging Scholars Conference

Papers for the Conference


Strategies of Manipulation: Preventing Misuse in Military Capacity Building

Speaker: Marc Grinberg
Discussant: Joseph Parent


Creating Requirements: The Military, Civilians, and Preferences About the Uses of Special Operations Forces

Speaker: Alice Friend
Discussant: Risa Brooks
Graduate Discussant: Ilana Rothkopf


Crafting Payoffs: Strategies and Effectiveness of Economic Statecraft

Speaker: Audrye Wong
Discussant: Rose Kelanic
Postdoctoral Discussant: Frances Wang


When the Clever See Danger: The Causes of Covert Action

Speaker: Cullen Nutt
Discussant: Lindsey O'Rourke
Graduate Discussant: Ilana Rothkopf


Uncertainty and Civil War Onset

Speaker: Iris Malone
Discussant:  Paul Staniland


Establishing Causality in Counter-Insurgency Doctrine: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Population-Centric War

Speaker: Richard Hanania
Discussant: Marina Henke