"A certain grasp of military affairs is vital for those in charge of general policy."

–Carl von Clausewitz, On War, Book 8, Chapter 6.
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Undergraduate Certificate Program

Political Science majors can apply for the International Security Studies Certificate Program to gain access to specialized courses, research support, internship funding, and dedicated mentoring.

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Seminar Speaker Series

NDISC's Seminar Speaker Series brings prominent scholars to speak on a wide range of international security related topics. These events provide a forum for policy experts, outside academics, and Notre Dame faculty and students to present and discuss their work.

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Cult of the Irrelevant

In Cult of the Irrelevant, Michael Desch traces the history of the relationship between the Beltway and the Ivory Tower from World War I to the present day. Recounting key Golden Age academic strategists such as Thomas Schelling and Walt Rostow, Desch’s narrative shows that social science research became most oriented toward practical problem-solving during times of war and that scholars returned to less relevant work during peacetime. Social science disciplines like political science rewarded work that was methodologically sophisticated over scholarship that engaged with the messy realities of national security policy, and academic culture increasingly turned away from the job of solving real-world problems.

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