Seminar Series – Madman Theory: The Causes and Effects of Reputations for Madness in International Politics

Author: Notre Dame International Security Center

In April 2022, NDISC welcomed Penn State Associate Political Science Professor Roseanne McManus to discuss he research in Madman Theory. Dr. McManus' research focuses on the effect madness (or perceived madness) has on international relationships. In her talk, McManus talks about the origins of Madman Theory in modern IR scholarship in the context of Richard Nixon in Vietnam; then she showed us the historic examples of Adolf Hitler, Nikita Khrushchev, and Kim Jung Un.

Due to unfortunate technical difficulties, we were unable to record the Q&A session of Dr. McManus talk; the recorded audio is available on NDISC's Podcast and the video version is below:



The Notre Dame International Security Center thanks Dr. McManus for her excellent talk!

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