Seminar Series – The Progressive Equity in the Restraint Coalition

Author: Notre Dame International Security Center

In the final NDISC Seminar Series for the month of March 2022, we were excited to welcome Congressional Staffer Matt Duss, who has served as the president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, as well as a national security and international policy analyst at the Center for American Progress. During his visit, Duss explained the principles of restraint, explained how people on both sides of the political spectrum have showed support for the principle, and explored how ongoing issues of racism and dependency on fossil fuels are contributing to corruption, which is negatively impacting our collective commitment to democracy.

The entire recorded talk and the discussion that followed are both available via YouTube below:



On behalf of everyone at The Notre Dame International Security Center, we thank Matt Duss for visiting campus and for his excellent talk. If you would like to attend future events, either in-person or online, please join our mailing list. Events are free and open to the public, and always insightful and educational. We hope to see you soon!