Internship & Research Support

NDISC has some funds to help students pay for their required internships, as well as funds to help senior thesis research.

  • Students will be required to submit a detailed budget detailing all expected expenses associated with the internship including:
    • room and board 
    • transportation costs 
    • required certifications, books and other supplies 
    • all outside sources of funding, including compensation earned from:
      • the internship 
      • other scholarships 
      • and other available monies
  • Students cannot apply for money to be used for purchase of durable goods like clothing, computers and other electronics, or a vehicle.

We expect students to apply to several ND and other sources to be competitive, which is standard for Notre Dame undergraduates.  

The Kelly/Weiss Internship Endowment for Excellence supports Notre Dame students who have the opportunity to take an  internship with the U.S. Government or in the non-governmental or private sectors dealing with national security issues. 

For details and decisions on particular internships and circumstances, please consult the director.

Information regarding NDISC Internship Support

Information regarding Senior Thesis Research Funding
As research may occur during Fall, Winter, and Spring Breaks, as well as over Summer, the deadline is rolling.

Additional Support:

CUSE and Nanovic Institute offer advice and grant writing workshops.