Experienced Mentors 

Our professors have many decades of experience and offer extensive mentoring to help students attain internships and careers in the policy and academic sides of national security. 

We are constantly deepening our relationships with contacts in the field, the Notre Dame Career Center, the Washington Program, the Keough school, and other sources to help our students succeed, including the Kelly/Weiss Research Award Endowment for Excellence, which supports policy-relevant research conducted by Notre Dame undergraduate or graduate students. 

Peer Mentorship Program

We offer a Peer Mentoring Initiative which pairs junior and senior mentors with junior, sophomore, and first-year mentee students. We use a private NDISC database, to pair mentors with mentees based on common interests, courses of interest, internships completed and aspiring, and other case by case situations. First meetings are aided by a small food/drink/coffee subsidy of $10 to be shared between the two students. Peer mentoring also furthers our goals of improving ‘cohorting,’ (fellows getting to know each other) and beginning to build what will be our alumni network.


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