Certificate Program Experiential Trips

Every academic year, undergraduate certificate students are invited to take part in an all expense paid experiential learning trip. Students who participate in these trips will gain access exclusive access to military, government, and historical security sites. 


In 2017, students went to the Twenty-Nine Palms, California at a major Marine combat training center.  

29 Palms Ug In Vehicle29 Palms NDISC undergraduate In vehicle

On the training grounds at the Marine combat training center in California.











In 2018, NDISC went to Omaha, Nebraska to visit the Strategic Air Command located in the Offutt Air Force Base and Aerospace Museum.

Stratcom 1  Stratcom 2


In 2019, certificate fellows went to Las Vegas, Nevada. They visited the Nevada National Security Site, the National Atomic Museum, and Nellis Air Force Base.

Nv 1


Nv 3