NDISC Presents Distinguished Service Award to Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Triebell

Author: Notre Dame International Security Center

1st Sgt Daniel Triebell with its Distinguished Service Award

In recognition of his four years of continuous and selfless service to the Notre Dame International Security Center (NDISC), the students, staff and faculty of NDISC present this plaque to Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Triebell in recognition of his service above and beyond the call of duty.

In addition to his primary duties to the University of Notre Dame Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps detachment, GySgt Triebell has generously donated his time, talent, and extensive military expertise to teaching NDISC students, staff, and faculty about United States Marine Corps small unit operations. He also supervised the design, implementation, and execution of Small Unit Leadership Exercises (SULE) for NDISC and Marine-option midshipman to experience Marine Corps tactics first-hand in the field.

GySgt Triebell’s leadership and instruction has been instrumental in the development of Notre Dame students as they prepare for careers in international security. During his tenure, he provided students with an essential and imperative familiarity with the realities of ground operations. This familiarity built through SULE and other direct interaction with military professionals has set NDISC students apart from other civilians in the national security policymaking process.

Finally, GySgt Triebell has modelled for NDISC students the very best of the traditions and comportment of the non-commissioned officer corps of the Marine Corps and the rest of the uniformed services of the American military. Seeing directly the quality and capability of today’s American military professionals first-hand is a privilege for all of us. This is also a reminder to us of our obligation to ensure that whenever our country’s men and women in uniform are sent into harm’s way, they go only after prudent deliberation, thorough preparation, and with our nation’s full support.

As he celebrates his promotion to First Sergeant and prepares for his next assignment after service at Our Lady’s University, every member of NDISC joins me in thanking GySgt Triebell for all he has done for God, Country, and the Notre Dame International Security Center these last four years and wishing him the very best in his return to the Fleet.



Dr. Michael C. Desch

Packey J. Dee Professor of International Relations

Brian and Jeannelle Brady Family Director of the Notre Dame International Security Center