"A certain grasp of military affairs is vital for those in charge of general policy."

–Carl von Clausewitz, On War, Book 8, Chapter 6.
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Congratulations Moritz Graefrath

Congratulations to Moritz Graefrath who published his first International Theory article, "Conceptualizing Interstate Cooperation."

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Congratulations Madison Schramm

Congratulations to former NDISC postdoctoral fellow Madison Schramm on her new position as an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto.

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Michael Desch Named to Council on Foreign Relations Study Group on U.S.-China Relations

Michael Desch Named to Council on Foreign Relations Study Group on U.S.-China Relations

Notre Dame International Security Center Director Michael Desch has been named to a New York Council on Foreign Relations study group on “The U.S. Pivot to Asia and American Grand Strategy.” He will join other top experts from the public and private sectors to discuss the conceptual origins of the pivot; the pivot and U.S. vital national interests; its effects over the last decade on Asia, the Middle East, and Europe; its impact on U.S. defense policy, intelligence assets, and economic statecraft; and the proper distribution of U.S. national security resources in the period ahead.

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Ukraine Aid Bill Likely To Pass After DoD's Minor Concessions To Senator Paul

Author: Fahad Shabir

Meanwhile, Michael Desch, a professor of International Relations at the University of Notre Dame and the director of the Notre Dame International Security Center, opined that the bill will likely intensify the hostilities in Ukraine as well as hinder a diplomatic solution to the conflict. He also expressed concerns that widespread provision of small arms in Ukraine could benefit the country's criminals and extremists.

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