"A certain grasp of military affairs is vital for those in charge of general policy."

–Carl von Clausewitz, On War, Book 8, Chapter 6.
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Read Joseph Parent and Paul MacDonald's article, "Trump Didn’t Shrink U.S. Military Commitments Abroad—He Expanded Them."

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1140 Jim Webb Portrait

NDISC's First Distinguished Fellow

Former Senator and Secretary of the Navy James Webb named inaugural distinguished fellow at Notre Dame International Security Center

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The Washington Quarterly

Read Eugene Gholz's new article on US military operations in East Asia and US-China relations.

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How do we escape these partisan death spirals? Devolve more power to the states | Opinion

Author: Joseph Parent

Are Americans doomed to an indefinite future of extreme partisan conflict? The Senate impeachment trial is off to a rancorous start, and it appears that the process will make the most polarizing president on record even more polarizing. Meanwhile, the Democratic presidential candidates debate a raft of polarizing proposals: Medicare for all, free college, universal basic income, adding seats to the Supreme Court, and a wealth tax on the super-rich. These moves and countermoves have produced what Representative Justin Amash calls a "partisan death spiral". How to pull out of this downward spiral? There are few good options.

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