"A certain grasp of military affairs is vital for those in charge of general policy."

–Carl von Clausewitz, On War, Book 8, Chapter 6.
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Peacemakers or Iron Ladies?

Read NDISC postdoctoral fellow's new Security Studies article!

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The Future of the U.S. Marine Corps

Read Former Senator, Jim Webb's, "The Future of the U.S. Marine Corps" National Interest article!

Black And Gold Kelanic

Black Gold and Blackmail

Rose Kelanic's new book, Black Gold and Blackmail, seeks to explain why great powers adopt such different strategies to protect their oil access from politically motivated disruptions.

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ARTICLE || The Future of the U.S. Marine Corps

Author: Webb, Jim

On September 4, 2002, five months before the invasion of Iraq, this writer warned in an editorial for the Washington Post that “China can only view the prospect of an American military consumed for the next…

Peacemakers or Iron Ladies?

Conventional wisdom suggests that when women attain high political office they are more likely to act as peacemakers than their male counterparts. In contrast, this article argues that... 

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Date: August 27, 2020

The Future of Privacy, from Ireland to America


Location: Virtual Event

The Law School is supporting its continued presence in Ireland and its partnerships with local firms and institutions in Dublin with an event The Future of Privacy co-hosted with Twitter on August 27, 2020. Join us as we explore privacy and law between Ireland and America and celebrate our Law School’s continued presence in Dublin and local partnerships.…

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