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Why Conspiracies Theories—From Kate Middleton to the Moon Landings—Are So Seductive

A Gallup poll taken in 2001 found that after the disputed 2000 vote, more than a third of Democrats insisted that then-President George W. Bush had stolen the election. “Being out of power tends to add fuel to the fire,” wrote Joseph Parent, a professor of political science at Notre Dame University and Uscinski’s co-author, in an email to TIME.

Responsible Statecraft - Are Houthi attacks doing that much damage to the world economy?

But do the Houthi attacks really pose a major threat to world trade, as the Biden administration claims? If so, is that a good enough reason to risk further escalation by bombing the Houthis when less risky options are still available?

Responsible Statecraft put these questions to Eugene Gholz, a political science professor at Notre Dame University and an expert on the relationship between economic policy and national security.

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