Since 2008, the Notre Dame International Security Center (NDISC) has provided a forum for national security scholars at the University of Notre Dame and elsewhere to come together to explore the most pressing issues in national security policy.

Through research, teaching, and public affairs programming, NDISC aims to connect policymakers and the public with the very best scholarship in the academy on issues of international security, broadly defined.


Our mission is to broaden the discussion of U.S. grand strategy to ensure that the full range of options—not just those popular inside the Beltway—are part of our national conversation about the vital issues of war and peace.


A U.S. grand strategy that confines itself to a limited and prudent use of American military power will often better serve American national interests than one that globalizes these interests and mandates that America take the lead in responding to all of the world’s strategic challenges in the 21st century. It is also most compatible with the Roman Catholic Just War Tradition that seeks to limit the violence that is endemic to war.


NDISC Emerging Scholars Conference

NDISC is proud to offer both breadth and depth of international security studies for students at every step of their academic journeys. NDISC’s professors, staff, and affiliates are committed to our students’ success by offering the following programs:


NDISC is grateful for the support of the University of Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters and the following:

  • Kevin (’88) and Cynthia O’Brien Family Endowment for Excellence
  • Brian (’74) and Jeannelle Brady Family Directorship for the Notre Dame International Security Center
  • Michael T. Long (’64) Family Endowment for Excellence
  • James P. Reilly, Jr. Notre Dame National Security Lecture Series Fund
  • Charles Koch Foundation
  • Menard Family Foundation
  • Gigot Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Jack Kelly (’74) and Gail Weiss Endowment for Excellence

NDISC welcomes your support in any number of ways. We value the time, talent, and treasure of our graduates and friends and welcome collaborative efforts to further our work. Make a gift or contact the center for other ways to get involved.


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