Seminar Series – Targeting the Talent

Author: Notre Dame International Security Center

Dr. Rachel Whitlark is Associate Professor at Georgia Tech where she teaches at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs. Whitlark’s book, "All Options on the Table: Leaders, Preventive War, and Nuclear Proliferation," investigates American and Israeli decision-making regarding the use of preventive military force as a counter-proliferation strategy. We were excited to welcome Dr. Whitlark to Notre Dame to discuss her brand new project in which she and her coauthor investigate whether targeted killings of scientists working on nuclear weapons projects is an effective counter-proliferation strategy.

In her talk, Dr. Whitlark gave examples of past scientists who have been killed and identified a total of 48 cases. As she says, "If this is an effective strategy, 48 killings isn't many; if it isn't an effective strategy, 48 killings is a lot!"

If you missed the conversation, watch the recorded event:



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