VIRTUAL | The Problem of Alliance Abandonment in Postwar US Foreign Policy


Location: Virtual Event

Jeffrey (Jeff) W. Taliaferro is professor of political science at Tufts University. His research and teaching focus on security studies, IR theories, the grand strategies of the great powers, US foreign policy, intelligence, cybersecurity and policy.

He earned his PhD in government from Harvard University and his AB from Duke University. Professor Taliaferro is the author of Defending Frenemies: Alliance Politics and Nonproliferation in US Foreign Policy (Oxford University Press, 2019) and of Balancing Risks: Great Power Intervention in the Periphery (Cornell University Press, 2004), which won the American Political Science Association's Robert L. Jervis and Paul W. Schroeder Award for the Best Book in International History and Politics.

He is the co-author/co-editor with Norrin M. Ripsman and Steven E. Lobell of Neoclassical Realist Theory of International Politics (Oxford University Press, 2016); The Challenge of Grand Strategy: The Great Powers and the Broken Balance between the World Wars (Cambridge University Press, 2012); and Neoclassical Realism, the State, and Foreign Policy (Cambridge University Press, 2009).