Professional Development

Students in the Notre Dame International Security Center (NDISC) benefit from extensive professional development opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, from internships and research experiences to networking opportunities and mentoring. Whether you are interested in careers in the military, public policy, industry, or academia, NDISC faculty, staff, and alumni are eager to help you succeed.

Internship and research support

NDISC Professional Development Winter Formal

NDISC has funds available to support undergraduate fellows as they complete the certificate program's internship and senior thesis requirements.

NDISC internship awards can defray costs such as room and board, transportation, or required certifications and supplies. 

Senior thesis research awards can support domestic and international research trips, books, and other expenses that support your research project. 


NDISC professors have tallied many decades of experience in both government and academic sectors; they offer extensive mentorship and support to help students attain internships and careers in the policy and academic sides of national security.

We also offer a Peer Mentoring Initiative, which intelligently pairs mentors with mentees based on common interests, courses, and internships. Peer mentorship also helps students build relationships and, on a macro level, create a network of connections.

We will reimburse for any costs occurred during the mentorship meeting.  For mentors needing reimbursements please fill this reimbursements form.

The Notre Dame Chapter of Women in International Security also provides mentorship opportunities to its members.

NDISC Professional Development Winter Formal

Etiquette courses

Want to make sure you fit in at a fancy dining event or at a military function? As part of our commitment to nurturing students’ professional development, NDISC offers instruction and practice in both business and dining etiquette and military etiquette.